Wednesday, May 8, 2013

2 month checkup

My poor kid is not in a good mood. Today she had her 2 month checkup and got the TDaP vaccine as a shot, and the rotovirus vaccine orally. She cried until she was red in the face in the office, but calmed down when we got out to the car. We needed to go into VCU with Matt to hand in his last assignment of the semester so we got to walk around Richmond with her in the mei tei carrier. The entire time she was snuggled close to my chest when usually she likes to look around. Now that we're home, she just wants to stay snugged with me on the couch, and was not pleased with the five minutes I made her stay in her swing so I could get some e-mails to my professor and team partners sent out on this week's group project for my class. I'm expecting the clingy, fussy behavior to continue for the rest of the night into tomorrow.

The good  of the doctor's visit is that she's 9lb, 5 ounces and 21 1/2 inches long. She's at the 10th percentile for her age on both measurements, which is higher than she has been in previous visits. She impressed the doctor with how well she does on her tummy, and the way she drank the vaccine. The doctor says in her experience babies that take the oral vaccine well end up being good eaters as they grow up instead of picky eaters. Fingers crossed she got my general agreeability in the food department because dealing with Matt's pickiness is hard enough.

We asked again about her birthmark because it makes Matt nervous and he wasn't at her last appointment when the doctor assured me it was okay. She noticed this time how deep the hemangioma seemed to go and because it's on the midline of her back we're going to be scheduled for an ultrasound. The doctor did warn us that they might want an MRI as well, but hopefully an ultrasound will enough. The worry is that if the hemangioma goes deep enough, it might connect with her spinal cord and may need surgical intervention. If it doesn't connect, then there's no problem and we'll just leave it be because these things tend to clear up after a few years anyway.

She goes back to the doctor at 4 months for her next wellness check.

While today was the checkup, she actually turned 2 months old four days ago, on Star Wars Day. So we found our local 501st Legion and I got a picture for the baby book.
Say, isn't that guy a little short for a Stormtrooper?

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