Sunday, April 14, 2013

Good and Bad

Lorelai slept through the night last night! I was starting to to think it would never happen, but we had a stretch of about five and a half hours of uninterrupted sleep, which I think was good for both of us.

I've been in need of a pick me up. Lorelai still won't nurse and I found that she's got an upper lip frenulum tie. It could be making it too uncomfortable for her to stay latched. On top of that, my milk supply is drying up. Despite my best efforts, we're down to producing 1/2 an ounce per day.
The first pump of the day is where I tend to get the most, and this was what I got for today, despite having started to leak just before hooking myself to the milker. It's disheartening, but it might just be best for us for me to stop stressing about it and let what happens happen. I'm going to keep pumping until there's nothing left, just so she gets the absolute most breastmilk she can, but I think that it might just be best for my stress levels to accept that we had the deck stacked against us and we lost this battle.

Today is supposed to be beautiful and 75 so later we're going to go for a long walk around Maymont park. It will be nice to get out and about, and see the gardens in bloom.

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